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Welcome to York History in Pictures

Here you will find photographs which reflect the history of of York from Roman times up until the present day. The text provided with the photographs gives a brief glimpse of the subject shown. Although York History in Pictures is directed towards those who want to know a little of the history of our beautiful city the site is not intended to be a tourism guide.

The photographs in York History in Pictures are my own work, taken as an amateur photographer. I would ask you to respect my copyright of the pictures. (A small number of photographs in the 'Roman' section were taken, with permission, in the undercroft of York Minster. These pictures remain the copyright of the Dean and Chapter.)


York History in Pictures is split into a number of different history time frames or areas of interest but it is appreciated that the photographs only scratch the surface of the city's history. 

Clicking on a box to the left will take you to the subject indicated

Many thanks to the visitors to the previous incarnation of the site who have found the time to send me comments. If you have a particular interest in the history of York and you feel photographs should be included in York History in Pictures, which I've missed, please drop me a note!

Best wishes to all visitors for 2023





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